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I don’t mind what happens

productivity book review

I just finished a wonderful book called says that human lives are tragically very short. He says assuming one lives to be 80 years old, it translates to about 4000 weeks. I am nearing 50, so I have only about 1500 weeks to live. If I die early like my father at 60, I have only 500 weeks

The secret to not being miserable is to become a child.


I have been thinking lately on how the mind works. What is causing me pain? I think the cause of pain is avoiding the only thing which is certain - Death

How about bringing back the good old fashioned talking on the phone


Yesterday a woman said, I can help you with social media marketing. It is free. I reluctantly agreed. I said this is my number let's talk

How memories cause pleasure and pain

memories desire pain

Have you wondered why you love someone! What is it exactly that captured your imagination. There maybe someone who is more beautiful or sexy who you could have fallen for but why did you fall for this man or women particularly

I finally have an idea for a Book

Book idea Idea

Inverting the Institution of Marriage to Eliminate INEQUALITY

marriage institutions

I deal with the middle class. I mean I run online communities, where the people who consume content are the middle class. This has given me no choice but to study this class for their behaviours and biases. I am not an expert so my knowledge is made of a lot of stuff I read by western authors and writers

Lesson's Learnt from closing down my Hyperlocal Projects

projects failure

> Sometimes nothing happens for decades and then decades happen within weeks

How my ordered day turned chaotic today!

chaos cynefin framework

So i am reading a book on a decision making framework. It is called Cynefin. The author talks about namely four states. Order, Chaos, Complex and Complicated. I was wondering how it will apply to life and today I was presented with this opportunity

My New 555 Home Cooking Rules

cooking recipes

One of the things a single man has to solve is his meal problem. Growing up in a typical patriarchal family set up I never thought I would someday have to cook

My tinder date turned out to be a hoe

dating pandemic

We matched on tinder. I thought I had hit a jackpot. Her profile seemed like she was an accomplished woman who had travelled and hobnobbed with important people. I am attracted to successful, strong woman types. Someone who knows the ways of the world. I feel it would cover my lack of experience and naiveté

Post Modernism - A New Operating System for the World

post modernism

I am deeply interested in philosophy, as philosophy is the most fundamental block of how we operate as a society. The place of philosophers I think is much higher than the scientist. Scientists build things, but Philosophers help make sense of things

What does a man want from a woman?


I feel like I am one of the most demanding men out there. So I tend to avoid relationships, why to inflict myself on a woman who is out to have a good time? But maybe I can articulate here what I want and I feel all other men also want

The time I got a resounding slap


It was probably 1999 after my Dad's death the same year. I had inherited his Yellow Mercedes 240D. I had to go to Ratnagiri where he lived to collect some documents. I decided to drive down with my wife

Red Pill - Your Parents don’t love as much as you think they love you

parenthood children

I realise most of my perceptions about relationships are shaped by bollywood. Growing up, when you have a father from the silent generation (Yes, people born between 1925-1935 were known as silent generation) and a alcoholic mother who was always passed out. You try to make sense of the world through popular culture

A small-town girl drives guys in our building crazy

childhood mangalore

She was from a smaller town, but she created a romantic stir when she came to our house in Mumbai. Something about her radiated warmth and besides, she was good looking. Tall, beautiful and she resembled an actress of that time named **Jaya Prada.*

Woke culture is getting on my nerves!

cancel culture post modernism

I don't know why I started looking into the inner workings of Woke culture for past few years. Maybe my radar detects a serious threat from this culture. The thing is, I've never been a collectivist, I don't have that thing inside me that says you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. I'm going to do what I think is right

Kya Sab Kuch Bikta Hai? (Does everyone have a price?)


Everything is for Sale except human spirit. But if you want to buy someone, here is the workflow

Ganesh Chaturthi was the happiest time of my childhood.

childhood festivals

I am back to the 4:30 am waking up routine

routine habits

# I am back to the 4:30 am waking up routin

Just Finished Kabir Bedi's Autobiography

book review

I am so not into Bollywood, but after shifting to Bandra in 2013. I have kind of been seeing a lot many Bollywood personalities which I was never really exposed to

Sleeping on an empty stomach can help you sleep better.

sleep habits

Son - I give you the red pill

redpill children

Now you are a young man! You will be more than eager to start a relationship with a beautiful woman. Falling in love with a woman is the most beautiful and probably the most terrifying thing in your life

Ten pieces of advice I would give to my younger self

youth advice

There are times in my life, I feel I had someone elder who was good and articulate at giving me advice. So here is my list of ten advices I would give my younger 15 year old

The 21 day 5 am waking up experiment

sleep routine

Have you ever wished that you could be a morning person? Wake up at 5 am, do your meditation, workout and be at your desk at 7:30 am and work on your passion project for a focussed 3 hours

Waking up at 5 AM shouldn’t be the Goal


So recently I did a 21-day experiment of waking up at 5 am. For some reason, I succeeded in that experiment. My body was fit and I could manage with 3/4 hours of sleep

Why some women don't get married

women marriage

A woman has to adjust a lot when she marries someone. She has to get involved in a house where everything she loved in her parents home is probably not available. She is now in enemy territory. There is no unconditional love for her anymore